Mobile Response & Keyholding

Whether you’re going away on holiday, or simply turning the lights out after a long day at work, CRS can offer you complete peace-of-mind, protecting your business, loved ones and belongings.

We provide 24/7 mobile response services to both commercial and residential property comprising of mobile security patrols and rapid alarm response as your primary key holder.

Our response team are vetted to BS7858, SIA licensed and trained to comply with the requirements of BS7984 respond to incidents, returning any situation or escalation back to a secure state.

We will provide you with complete visibility throughout and after any incident; liaising with the police, alarm companies and repair contractors on your behalf, to re-secure your premises as quickly as possible.

Where required we can also provide a temporary static security officer to guard your property in the event it cannot be properly secured.

We are able to deliver a wide range of standard and complementary security services to your property as follows.

Securely hold a set of keys to your business or home and perform the role as your appointed responder.

Provides a highly visible deterrent in the form of a vehicle or foot patrol of your property.

Our nearest GPS tracked vehicle will respond and verify the cause of an alarm activation.

Schedule a response officer to perform as required the daily unlocking and locking of your premises.

Provide 24/7 escorted access to your property for contractors, engineers or friends and re-securing your premises after the visit.

Perform a detailed inspection of your premises and provide a bespoke report of the site services and their integrity.

Remotely monitor your site based security systems and provide a mobile security response in the event of an occurrence.

Deploy a portable CCTV and movement detection tower particularly suited to remote temporary locations such as building sites, events and insecure structures like marquees.

Provision of out of hours contractors including, Locksmiths, Boarding up and Glazing providers.